Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tricky Teen Numbers

I have been gone for the past couple of days due to eye surgery.  Today was my first day back after 5 days without seeing the kiddos, literally!  It was great to be back, but I must admit, the mountain of work waiting for me was a bit CrAzY!!!!  I think I felt all of these emotions at some point today!
I was wondering if my new eyes were deceiving me!  Alas, back to school I go!

We have been learning about teen numbers!  They are very tricky for kindergarten students!  Some of the things we have been working on is building towers made of linking cubes. This shows the concept of adding one more.  At home, you could use Lego's or blocks.

Here are a couple of video's from YouTube.  The first one helps explain place value and how each teen number has a group of ten.  The last video stresses that all teen numbers begin with one.  The tunes are catchy and the kids really enjoy them!

This is another activity we did with teen numbers!  You can get a copy at Amy Crockett's TPT store.