Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Small Groups

Welcome to all our new followers this week!  This blog is a place to share ideas with other teachers and for parents to see what we're are learning at school.  My plan is to post at least once a week.  Sometimes I will do more, sometimes it might be too busy of a week.  

Today is all about small groups.  During this part of our day, students work in small groups which then allows the teacher to better assist students at their individual level.  It is my FAVORITE part of the day!  At the art center, students are creating a turkey page using feathers to make turkey's and google eyes.  Who doesn't love google eyes?  Tomorrow, kids will add a writing piece to their art work.

These students are working on iPads and using math and language apps to enhance their learning.  This center is a favorite!

Here is our math center.  Students are working on number sense as they have to match the number with the amount of cookies.  Students are also estimating cookies and seeing if they made a reasonable estimate. 

At the reading center, this student used bingo markers to find  the letter Tt.
After they finished, they learned how to read a new book.  When reading, one student is the "pointer" and the other student is the "reader."

After reading the book, students had to use their knowledge of the book and write who was in the story.

Just another great day in Kindergarten!